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vFrame Head Mounted Display

is using GyroMote technology during development stages. I also created a little demo using Unity3D. Check out the following video showing Michael Donahue. He presents the proof of concept demo and vFrame mobile head mounted display prototype. Mike is the CEO of vFrame Inc. and a pioneer in the field of virtual reality technology:

vFrame HMD Video

vFrame HMD platform

The vFrame platform is a combination of stereoscopic 3D glasses and an iCade/Gametel compatible Bluetooth controller. It uses the mobile device sensors like accelerometer, compass and gyroscope to detect its position in the real world. The display will project a 3D rendering scenario and its view will align with your head movement (e.g. if you look up, the 3D rendering representation looks up).

There have been several prototypes in the making, using high quality military grade optics. The retail price is currently planned for $199,- including the vFrame HMD itself and a Xbox 360-like controller.

Unity 3D support for vFrame

Including vFrame technology in your game is pretty simple and straight forward. There will be an Unity 3D asset available for download. It is a drag&drop plug-n-play prefab that contains all you need to get your game vFrame ready for stereoscopic 3D as well as iCade controller support. It should work out of the box with every ego-shooter type of game. It is of course not limited or restricted to this type of game. Supporting vFrame will add a completely new level of immersion in mobile gaming.

The following image is a screenshot of the vFrame HMD proof of concept techdemo. It renders the Unity3D Island Demo on an iPhone 5. It is the same program that you can see in the video above.

vFrame HMD tech demo screenshot

vFrame funding

The project is currently in funding stage and looking for investment capital. You can read more about it and support the project on (which works basically like

If you have any questions or want further details, contact me and I will answer or forward them gladly. 

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