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Silence Ringtone available for download

10 Seconds Silence Ringtonefor your iPhone. You can use this silence ringtone to mute all incoming calls. You could alternatively block calls by specific contact entries only.

In my contacts list I have an entry that collectively contains all numbers I do not wish to be bothered from. This can be telemarketers or people that simply don’t understand that PedrĂ² is not available at this number anymore. Thanks to the iOS address book features I can stop the phone from vibrating when I receive a call or text message but it still rings. There is no silence ringtone provided by the system. Although it is possible to select none for the message tone options. I helped myself out by generating a 10 seconds absolutely silent WAV audio file. I then converted it to M4A with iTunes and renamed the file to M4R (for iOS ringtone). Back in iTunes I synched the tone to my iPhone and voila! No pesky callers anymore…

This does not really block calls from happening. An advantage is though, that it works no matter what provider my iPhone is using. In addition, calls will still be forwarded to your voicemail. And with the new iOS 6 “Do Not Disturb” feature, the phone still doesn’t ring even if a particularly persistent person or machine tries to reach you.
It also works when you use Skype call forwarding to your cell phone number or use your iPhone with the Google Voice service.

Let me know how it worked for you. Don’t have an iPhone? Shop devices that you can use with this ringtone on

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