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Real Racing 3

is a free-to-play racing game for iOS. It features real cars on real tracks for a very unique racing experience. After picking up the first 2 predecessors I literally couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands on Real Racing 3. The world-wide release date was scheduled for february the 28th though. However, if you followed the news closely, one could find a way to obtain a copy of the game earlier.

Real Racing

It is the third installment of the most successful racing game series for iOS. It is however the first time that the title is available for free. The developers teamed up with EA Games this time. This is not the only dramatic change made to the game. In it’s current version Real Racing 3 is missing a lot of features that part 1 and 2 offered. The things I missed the most:


Real Racing 3 TokenReal Racing 3 is cashing in on in-app purchases you can make to speed things up in the game. Not only can you purchase virtual money but also tokens you can spent on skipping repair cooldown or car parts delivery time. Advanced parts can only be purchased with these tokens. That’s why you should ONLY spent these on car parts. Because this high-end engine and transmission parts cost more and more.

Real Racing 3 Challenge 25 Percent Done Real Racing 3 Challenge Completed

You can gain tokens by completing challenges, or leveling up your driver. Every 25% of a challenge you gain a small amount and if you finish it fully you get a bigger bonus.

Real Racing 3 Repair Car Screen Real Racing 3 Car Repaired Real Racing 3 In-Game Waste Of Money

Then the game presents you a bunch of options to spent these tokens easily. Don’t want to wait 7 hours for your ride to be fixed in the shoppe? You could spent the hard earned tokens and go right back on track or sit tight and return tomorrow. You’ll get a push notification as reminder that repairs are done.

I don’t like the concept of making a player wait to play a game for the sole purpose of selling in game items. I’d rather an real-money exclusive items store that offers paint jobs, decals and other cosmetic items. The again, you gain a lot of tokens (150-200) on the first challenges and if you can wait from time to time, you only need to spent these on the high performance car parts.

As soon as you have additional cars ready, the situation relaxes a little, because you can now alternate between cars in a challenge series or participate in alternating series.

Endurance Redefined

One of the games racing modes is called Endurance. The goal of those races is to clock the most miles on a track. You gain time by overtaking other cars and each time you cross the finish line. However, your time supply can not be more than 90 seconds.

There is a flaw in the game that relates to the other cars in this game mode. They are not racing the same race as the player is. In fact, they are populated at seemingly random positions at the start of the race. As soon as you overtake one. They vanish into thin air and are removed from the race. Usually you won’t see that because you just overtook the car and it is supposed to be behind the driver. The opponents car is replaced by a new one on some (not so random) point on the track. (It happend to me that they also could pop-up right in front of your car, resulting in a fatal crash)

Think about the constraints for a second. You gain 10 seconds per car with a maximum of 90 seconds buffer. And you gain time when you cross the finish line. The means that, If you are able to overtake a car every 10-12 seconds you could race endlessly. Never overtake another car on the home stretch or when you have more than 80 seconds on the clock.

At some point the game engine will clog up the track with cars (repeatedly) so that you have to slow down to a crawl in order to make miles but not “waste” precious time.

Real Racing 3 Track Clog Up Real Racing 3 Track Clogs Up Repeatedly

If you still obey the constraints mentioned above, you could continue the race virtually endlessly. My iPhone 5 ran out of battery so I had to abort the stint after exactly 75 miles. In endurance mode the price money relates to the amount of track you burned and going on such a large distance nets a nice sum of R$ 43.650. Your cars condition will degrade to a complete wreck eventually. Repairing it all costed R$ 5.795 and 6 hours 54 minutes wait time.

Real Racing 3 Endurance Price Money Real Racing 3 Turbo Burst - European Faceoff Endurance Real Racing 3 Endurance Wreck

Overall I really like the game and hope that Firemint finds enough time and effort to fix the cloud synching problem and integrates the “missing” features found in the earlier versions.

Real Racing 3 Endurance 75 Miles Run 

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