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GyroMote the Unity3D remote gyroscope

(hence the name GyroMote) for iOS is a Unity3D remote designed for developers using Unity3D development environment. This app supplies live gyroscope information over WiFi to your desktop environment. This makes testing your application or game a lot easier.

Download GyroMote on the App Store Instead of compiling your app to run on the mobile device every time you change the code, you can just run the game in the Unity3D editor simulator and connect to the remote gyroscope running on your iOS device. See the introductory Video to see how it is intended to work.

You gain access to the following information:

Your desktop for development and gyroscope source iOS device running the app have to be in the same network in order to be able to succesfully conenct. You do not need to have an Android or iOS mobile license for GyroMote work. The initial release will not support Android mobile devices. If you must have an Android version, please contact me. It will also only work in C# script and not JavaScript.

Unity3D Remote Client Asset

GyroMote Introduction Video

GyroMote Options

The GyroMote prefab comes with some convenience options that can speedup your project development even more. Select the prefab in your scene and in the inspector look for the script components attached to it.

GyroMote Screenshot

gyromote unity3d remote screenshot

GyroMote Asset Store Screenshot 

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