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Find All Hosts On A Network

I recently came across the need to quickly see all hosts connected on my VPN network. I have some hosts on the VPN advertising services and some that don’t and I wanted to make sure that they are still connected. The easy way would be to ping them but that becomes tedious as soon as it is becoming more than a couple of hosts in question.

I tried a simple bash loop with ping but for a /24 subnetwork, it takes roughly 5 minutes to check all hosts…

for ip in $(seq 1 254); 
	ping -c 1 192.169.1.$ip>/dev/null
	[ $? -eq 0 ] && echo "192.169.1.$ip UP" || :

It works and the only dependency is your shell but It certainly is not nice and far away from the best solution to solve the problem.

nmap to the rescue!

I installed nmap and ran the following command:

nmap -sP

For newer versions of nmap you can also use sn instead

nmap -sn

It took only a couple of seconds for all hosts to respond compared to a couple of minutes looping ping instead!

Beware the firewall

If your firewall does not allow ICMP echo requests your network participants will not respond to a ping request even though they are up. You might want to consider opening your firewall to ICMP requests for local networks only if your host is also available publicly. 

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