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Catchall in OS X Mail Server

I only recently updated my Mac OS X to 10.11 El Capitan’s version 5. I ran version 4 very comfortably before but got worried about missing out on security related updates. One thing that broke for me after the update with the “catchall” functionality of the mail server portion.

At first I thought that the catchall targeted mails would all be greylisted or junked aggressively but I checked the mail server logs in that regard and they didn’t even show up. Sending myself a couple of test email, quickly revealed that the server is rejecting all unknown email addresses. So the “easy way” of setting up catchall in server app version 4 clearly didn’t work anymore.

A little googling later I found this excellent post from Charles Gutjahr on adding a catchall to OS X Server Mail. It works like a charm. So if you run into similar troubles, give the little tutorial a try. 

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